Building libc using the runtimes build setup

The runtimes build of the LLVM toolchain first builds clang and then builds the various runtimes (like libc++ and compiler-rt) and LLVM binutils (like llvm-objcopy and llvm-readelf) using the freshly built clang. One can build libc also as in the same manner. As of this writing, only the ABI agnostic parts of the libc are included when built in that manner. This allows interested users to continue using their system libc’s headers while linking to LLVM libc’s implementations when they are available. To build libc using the runtimes build setup, one needs to include the libc project in the list of the enabled runtimes when configuring the build:

$> cmake ../llvm -GNinja -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS="llvm;clang" \

Note that Ninja is used as the generator in the above CMake command. Hence, to actually build the libc, one has to build the Ninja target named llvmlibc:

$> ninja llvmlibc

If a different generator is used, then the build command should be suitably adapted to build the target llvmlibc. Building that target will produce a static archive which includes all ABI agnostic functions available in LLVM libc.

Future direction

We plan to enhance the runtimes build of LLVM libc to include ABI sensitive parts and to also generate the public headers. Likewise, we would like to provide an option to build other runtimes like libc++ and compiler-rt against LLVM libc.